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Welcome to the iAPRS (v2) iPhone/iPad product page.

iAPRS is intended to provide Amateur Radio hobbiests and other interested parties a means to access the APRS network via their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

An amateur radio license is NOT required to use iAPRS and to view the locations of APRS equipped ham radio operators in a particular area but is required to post your location or to use the APRS-IS servers.

A free account is NO LONGER required for data access by iAPRS. iAPRS can now communicate directly with the APRS-IS backbone servers. OpenAPRS data enhances the iAPRS app and is recommended.

Licensed amateur radio operators can use iAPRS to post their positions to the APRS network in addition to viewing the positions of other APRS equipped stations.

The viewing of positions posted by iAPRS can be viewed at the ,, and the websites.

Please be advised that NOT all APRS display websites or desktop programs support all the APRS data modes. iAPRS is no different in that while it will display most of the APRS 'sub protocols', it does not display all of them.

If you wish to contact the author of iAPRS directly, please send an email to John, KF8KK at

iAPRS v2 is available in the App Store

iAPRS is now a native iPad app in addition to working great on iPhones and iPodTouches!

The high resolution retina displays are fully utilized and the quality Apple maps are used with all the normal map manipulation gestures available, and a selection between 'standard' and 'hybrid-satellite' map views. A minimum of IOS 6.1 is required. Of course, iAPRS also looks great on the older non-retina displays.

The APRS object overlays on the maps are tappable and reveal various information posted by the station.

Double tapping on an object performs a reverse-geocode on that location, providing you with more valuable information, in addition to the latitude and longitude.

Automatic position posting-tracking mode is now available and includes 'smart beaconing'.

When you are in motion, with iAPRS either on screen or not (in the 'background'), iAPRS can post your location as you move. iAPRS posts more often when your course changes, recognizing turns, yet when you stop moving, iAPRS will reduce your posting to roughly once per hour.

Because background location posting keeps your device's GPS running constantly, iAPRS monitors your battery level and if it gets below 40%, iAPRS will cease to post and go to sleep-- so your device isn't drained of power unexpectedly.

With the optional in-app-purchase of 'iAPRS-Plus' , iAPRS can now post directly to the APRS-IS backbone servers eliminating the need for an account (verified or otherwise).

Without the upgrade to iAPRS-Plus, APRS-IS data can still be used in a 'receive only' mode, whereby you can display the streamed posts of others that are made to the APRS system as they happen in real time.

Easy selection of your regions preferred APRS-IS server via convenient + and - buttons, while manual entry is also provided.

The generous folks who provide the APRS-IS system (for free!--- don't forget that!!!) request that app developers NOT make the APRS-IS passcode automatically available in apps, but that users manually request these codes. Due to this, iAPRS provides a handy way to email a passcode request, which should be processed and returned promptly (though not immediately-- a human really is on the other end of the request!, ME!)..

NOTE: The APRS-IS passcode used is the standard passcode used by other apps that communicate directly with APRS-IS (Xastir, UIView32, etc). It's a mathematical hash related to your callsign and does not change from app to app.

The iAPRS-Plus upgrade also provides the ability to search for APRS objects of interest (including up to four commonly-used 'buddies') and the ability to search for geographic locations by name.

Callsign searches will locate the map at that stations next APRS post, and then track that particular callsign and SSID (sorry, no wildcards).

If OpenAPRS data is setup, it will check OpenAPRS first to see if that station has posted recently and center on the station without having to wait for the next post.

You can also type in the name of a street or locality and it will move the map to that area and display the APRS activity centered there.


You can swipe the map as desired and then perform a LONG TAP to center your APRS data on the new location.

The long-tap location is also fed into the 'spoof post' system which will enable you to post as if you are at that location via a button on the controls menu.

This is particularly handy if your GPS isn't getting a signal, or are using an iPodTouch on an unrecognized wifi network and need to post an accurate location.

Nefarious uses for the spoof post mode will not be mentioned here.

In addition to being tappable, APRS posts are displayed in various colors to indicate special meaning.

Posts for objects that iAPRS detects to be moving are colored in GREEN.

Posts for objects that iAPRS has decoded weather information are colored in YELLOW.

Stationary posts are colored in LIGHT BLUE.

When more than about an hour transpires after the last post from an object, any coloring dissappears and those objects become GRAY.

If that object is not heard from for 12 hours, the gray will fade noticeably but the object still appears.

Objects not heard from after a few days are removed. The length of time for removal varies with processor load and how many objects are in the database. The configuration page has a button to allow you to clear the database if you have been scanning APRS traffic in many cities and wish the object deletion age to return to 'normal'.

Being that iAPRS keeps heard objects in it's own local database, you will not lose them if you close iAPRS for short periods of time. This is handy since most 'infrastructure' APRS objects are stationary.


iAPRS includes an enormous amount of in-app context sensitive help.

Help buttons are sprinkled generously throughout and should clarify most questions.

The various help sections are also here for your convenience:

Overall Help

Controls Help

Setup Help

Setup OpenAPRS Help

Setup APRS-IS Help

Selecting the icon that accompanies your location post is simple-- just tap on one of the icons shown.

Please note that all the APRS icons supported by iAPRS have been redrawn for use with modern high resolution displays. The icons you select in iAPRS are NOT actually sent with your post, but redrawn locally by whatever app is used to view them.

While the official APRS icon set is a 'wonder of creative genius' for displaying nice icons on the screens of the 1980's, they look hideous on our modern high definition displays. Sadly, they cannot be just 'scaled up', but require redrawing to look acceptable to users accustomed to todays modern graphics.

The iAPRS icons, while still very far from 'high definition' are meant to convey the INTENT of the icon a station uses as opposed to displaying a particular color or vehicle. You will easily recognize a snowmobile icon on the iAPRS maps, even though it's a different color than the 'official' snowmobile icon. Similarly, rover the dog will be recognizable for it's intended purpose.

Not all APRS icons are supported in iAPRS (for viewing or posting), but the great majority of icons are included. The icons iAPRS provides for posting are in the context of a handheld mobile device user, as iAPRS is intended to be used.

For those loading iAPRS for the first time, you will be greeted with a quick setup screen on app launch after iAPRS asks to use your location information-- which is required.

New users can be up and receiving APRS posts in a minute just by entering their callsign on the SETUP screen and then turning ON the APRS-IS incoming data.


Previous iAPRS users, will have their callsigns and account information transferred automatically to this new version.

Upgraders will find that the first thing iAPRS does on launch is to notify you that you need to select the icon used for your posts (the selection has changed somewhat) and then the app will download the local APRS posts via You will still need to turn on the APRS-IS data if you would like to have the APRS posts appear and update on the map as they occur.

For all users, if you wish to post your location you need to have either an VALIDATED account, or purchase the iAPRS-Plus option from within iAPRS (on the setup screen).







iAPRS v2 is available in the App Store

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If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or problems with iAPRS please email KF8KK at