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Rubber Ducks

VHF Propagation

Cheboygan 52_90 rptr antenna
My 1976 Pinto wagon -- A swell ride!


Northwest Michigan Packet Operators Guide 
[ARPSC District 7west]


TheNet - NetRom Operators Guide

How to make a TheNet node sing...


The Jnos Operators Guide 

How to connect to a Jnos node and what to do once you are there.


Installing Linux and Jnos --- HOW-TO

While this is presently a 'work in progress', it's already rather comprehensive in providing a Step-By-Step on installing Slackware 10.1 and Jnos2 on a PC for use as a Jnos Hamgate.  5/2006 KF8KK


While you're at it... tour some other Michigan repeaters and visit the IOOK.

Whetting your feet with Jnos

A brief explanation of why we bother with this funny program that's so hard to set up.
An Adobe Acrobat PDF version is also available.


Why Move Frequency?
Here's a short Microsoft Powerpoint presentation on why switching from the present 145.090 'flat topology' packet network and onto a 'subnetted network' is needed.

Hopefully this is helpful in explaining the reasoning behind the suggested and planned frequency changes throughout Michigan.

At the moment the ways to view this little ditty is by clicking one of the links below:

PowerPoint slide show (1.2 meg)

PowerPoint 'PPT' file (1.4 meg)

Fancy web page PowerPoint can create




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