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Amateur Radio from near Empire Michigan USA

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VHF Propagation

For those with the appropriate listening software to receive streaming audio files in the 'ogg/vorbis' format (WinAmp, Zinf, VLC, etc) my hamshack scanners are available at . VLC is my personal favorite (and there are free versions for Win/Mac/Linux!).  (if you do NOT have appropriate software your browser will likely attempt to download a file that never ends-- it's a continuous stream!)

This is a dual channel audio feed with some local area repeaters in the left channel (145.39, 146.52, 146.86, 147.30, 147.04, 147.10, 442.5mhz).  The local IOOK analog repeaters are in the right channel (52.92, 145.27, 444.725mhz).

For those with a high speed connection but a desire NOT to install VLC, WinAmp or Zinf or similar media players, There are at least two Java based players that you can automatically load right from this web browser.  To use these you need to have the Sun Java program already on your machine (and most of us do as this is also required to view NOAA weather service radar images).

Thanks to JavaZoom.com you can CLICK HERE to hear the stream using the JavaZoom player.

Thanks to JCraft.com you can CLICK HERE to hear the stream using the JCraft java player.  

Please note that the browser may seem to be lifeless for a few seconds as the java code to play the stream is downloaded and the initial stream is buffered.  Give it a minute and you'll be connected to the stream. (of course, if there's nothing on the local ham repeaters-- you won't hear anything right away.  Typically there is about a 40 second delay between 'live' and the audio on the stream.

Thankfully, the W8BNZ repeater ID's every 10 minutes in the left channel-- so, given enough time you will hear something!)



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