KG8CU 52.82 Kalkaska Repeater




Coverage Maps


The KG8CU 52.82 Mhz repeater has moved to Kalkaska and this page needs to be updated to reflect that. The tour below is from it's tenure in South Boardman with Jeff KB8UTJ as the site host. The repeater now resides at the AA8ZV facilities off of M72 just east of Kalkaska.

With the recent addition of a GE DeltaSX 440 transceiver, this repeater is now able to link itself to the KG8CU 444.925 repeater a few miles to the north and to the  wI0OK 444.725 Glen Arbor-Empire repeater 60km to the west.

This photo shows the Micor 100w 'compa station' repeater on a wall mounted shelf with the six meter heliax stub duplexer mounted to the wall on the right.

This was taken just before the 440 remote base transceiver was added to the system.

This photo shows the Decibel Products folded dipole antennas used by the repeater.    These are phased for gain and oriented to favor the west.   


This photo shows John, CU making some final adjustments to the repeater controller that sits vertically aside the repeater rack.
Here you can see the GE DeltaSX transceiver mounted on the wall between the Micor repeater and the duplexer.  If you look close, you can see the small black box that houses the MCC RC1000 repeater controller.

From the expression on Johns face, he just made the final tweak of the day and is ready to close up the shack and head home to relax.

I wish I had a better shot of Jeff KB8UTJ, but this is all I have.   Jeff is the gracious host of the repeater site and a technical wizard, like John CU. 

Jeff and John work together to keep this system up and running in peak condition.

Behind Jeff you can see the 'front' side of the Micor low band VHF 'compa station' used as the repeater.

This shot shows the six meter repeater on the left with the GE DeltaSX 440 remote base transceiver to the right.  The controller isn't shown here but usually resides on the shelf that the Micor repeater is on just atop the right edge on the little lip of shelf that you see.