N8JKV 146.92 Lake Leelanau Repeater




Coverage Maps


The N8JKV 146.92 repeater covers central Leelanau county from a vantage point overlooking Lake Leelanau just south of the village of Lake Leelanau.

Presently, this repeater is operating from a temporary antenna pending a return to it's permanent antenna during October 2004.

This is the present N8JKV repeater.

This equipment is owned by Evan and is situated at his home on the shore of scenic Lake Leelanau.

The JKV repeater is blessed to have a rubber ducky control operator keeping a watchful eye on the operation of the system.   Poor operators will get quacked at.

Above the duck is a wooden shelf that holds the 12v power supply.

Below the duck is a black box which olds the Micro Computer Controls RC1000 repeater controller for the repeater.

Just below the repeater controller in this view is the GE Mastr Executive VHF transceiver which is setup to run duplex as the 146.92 repeater.

Below the GE transceiver is a four cavity Wacom duplexer.

Not in view is the Advanced Receiver Research GasFET receive preamp for the repeater.

The repeater currently is running only 25 watts into a Comet (or is it Diamond) dualband gain antenna (the three section type).


This is the view of the repeater rack as it sits on Evans property.  Plans are to move it back to his hilltop repeater shack when the weather improves this fall.
This shows that you cannot keep an old rig down.

These two units comprise the backup repeater for N8JKV.  The black box marked 'Hum Notch' is a spare 'KF8KK' repeater controller, and the old GE transceiver above it is the original 146.92 repeater tx/rx.  That old GE was purchased years earlier for less than $10 and, while not pretty, has performed flawlessly for years.  It was the heart of the 146.92 repeater for quite a while before being replaced by the newer GE Mastr Exec rig.