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VHF Propagation


The 145.36 wI0OK__C DStar digital voice repeater had been on the air from near Glen Arbor and Empire Michigan since June of 2007 and in December of 2009, was moved to a tower just west of Traverse City MI. In April 2011 it joined the DStar internet gateway system.
During the summer of 2016 the repeater was returned to the original location near Glen Arbor and Empire MI.

The repeater is set to provide about 25 watts of RF into the antenna system.  The repeater feeds an DBproducts dipole that is situated on the southwest leg of a commercial tower at the 330 foot level.

The repeater coverage favors Leelanau, and Benzie counties.

Here is the RP2C DStar controller sitting atop the RP2000V two meter DStar repeater on my workbench. On the lower left you can get a glimpse of part of the duplexer that I use with the repeater. The ARR GasFET preamp is also shown. In use the preamp feeds an RF splitter and an attenuator before the signal meets the DStar receiver (the repeater antenna serves multiple functions).

I have created a few pages that may be of interest to those with DStar ponderings:

wI0OK__C Traverse City repeater use cheat sheet

Setting up the RP2C repeater controller
Inside the RP2C repeater controller

Setting up the RP2000V DStar repeater
Inside the RP000V DStar repeater

Getting started with DStar using an ID-800
Getting started with DStar using an IC-2820
Getting started with DStar using an IC-2200H

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