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VHF Propagation

Cheboygan 52_90 rptr antenna
The Cheboygan 52.90mHz FM repeater antenna-- so what that it's horizontally polarized!

For those lucky enough to live, or travel through, the Michigan counties of Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau, and Osceola there is a rich supply of repeaters for the amateur radio enthusiast to use.  

While many of the repeaters in the region are owned and operated by large clubs, with their inherent club politics and 'elites', the repeaters featured on this page are generally owned by individuals who have graciously donated their efforts for the benefit of those local ham operators who enjoy the hobby, as a hobby, and try to keep 'ham politics' out of that enjoyment.

Some of these repeaters are wide-coverage, some small.  Pretty much all of these ham repeaters are 'open' for all duly licensed amateur radio operators to use, with the exception of a few individuals who have past histories of stirring up trouble.   Some of these repeaters operate seasonally or change modes depending on the needs of the hams in the area at that particular moment.  

None of these repeaters is going to take over the world, cause changes in the migratory patterns of birds, or make the paint peel on new cars. All of these repeaters are owned by people who are giving in nature and consider their repeater to be a small contribution to the benefit of the amateur radio community as a whole.

We welcome good-natured conversations by honest, well intentioned hams on these repeaters.

There is a special page set aside to recognize some of the Michigan IOOK Repeater Pioneers.

I.O.O.K. Associated Repeaters as of 2008!!! :

KF8KK 52.90  Cheboygan, MI repeater (-500khz input 146.2hz PL) (coverage map)

wI0OK 52.92  Glen Arbor, MI repeater (-500khz input 146.2hz PL) (coverage map)
[linked with 145.27/444.725/442.200]

W8TVC 145.27  Traverse City, MI repeater (-600khz input 114.8 or 100hz PL) (coverage map)
[linked with 52.92/444.725/442.200][Echolink node 56464]

wI0OK-C DSTAR 145.36  Traverse City, MI repeater (-600khz input DStar&Gateway) (coverage map)

N8JKV 146.92 Lake Leelanau, MI repeater (-600khz input) (coverage map)

wI0OK 442.200  Harrietta-Cadillac, MI repeater (+5mhz input 114.8hz PL) (coverage map)
[linked with 145.27/444.725/52.92]

wI0OK 444.725 Glen Arbor, MI repeater (+5mhz input 114.8 or 146.2hz PL) (coverage map)
[linked with 145.27/52.92/442.200]


I.O.O.K. Friends Repeaters:

W8KAL 52.82 Kalkaska, MI repeater (-500khz input 92.4hz PL) (coverage map)

AA8ZV 147.30 Kalkaska, MI repeater (+600khz input 123.0hz PL) (coverage map)

WB8DEL 224.56 Stutsmanville, MI repeater (-1.6mhz input 100hz PL)

WB8DEL 444.85 Cheboygan, MI repeater (+5mhz input 110.9hz PL)

W8BNZ 147.04 Benzonia, MI repeater(+600khz input)

W8KAL 444.925 Kalkaska, MI repeater (+5mhz input)


IOOK Repeater History in Northwest Lower Michigan

While there are other repeaters in the region with histories extending back into the 1970's, the IOOK associated repeaters came onto the scene in the early 1990's and made up for their lack of history with a diversity of systems assembled. When viewing the descriptions of these repeaters one must keep in mind that these systems were privately owned and funded.  There were no governmental grants or assistance, everything you see was privately purchased and maintained at the sole expense of the owners-- none of whom were by any means wealthy. Some of the systems originated as a 'tinkerers project' and were more intended to prove the point that a repeater could be placed into operation quickly and cheaply as opposed to those repeaters intended to burn holes in the ozone for hundreds of miles.  All of these systems evolved over time, some are extinct, some have no relation to the present occupants of the frequencies they used, some are still in operation.

The birth of N8JKV/r 146.92

Sugar Loaf's KF8KK/r on 147.30

Maple City 440.05 link repeater

Traverse City's first 6m and UHF repeaters

Interlochens 442.8 KD8UX repeater

Other repeaters of Insignificance

Assorted RadioMobile radio system coverage plots


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